We can Save this World if We act right Now;

Turn off the night lights, turn off that air-conditioning, stop wasting Power! Get rid of the Military/Industrial complex, In a world of Peace we have no need for War’s. Act Now to make this happen! Gift Our Children a good Future! Stop mining for stupid Gold, that sits idle in vaults deep under-ground. Quit the GREED, the quest for More, ever More! Get out, and play MUSIC Together, beauty-full MUSIC, make this World Sing a wonderful song, Play along with the band. And Plant Flowers, more Flowers, such a gift this World gives; every breath you take is Free, every drop of water, (Unless you buy that stupid, bottled water) is Free, Every Ray of Sun’s shine comes Free! When have you remembered to Thank that Sun for Shinning? It is all a gift; we are all Guests on this Planet, and a Good Guest leaves behind no trace of him/her self behind…..

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