Let Us proceed fro Complexity to Understanding in the Light of Simplicity…..

It seems to me that some jobs in Industry and Government depend on writing miles and miles of rules and regulations. {Job Security} Why do we not just speak in Plain English? Just say what you mean, why do you need ten thousand if, and’s and but’s? I do not know a single human being who can take the time out to read the many pages of Bull-shit. Just say what you mean in like a hundred words or less…..Maybe, lay-off all the lawyers? It is like one has to layer in all of these Escape Hatches, in case we get sued! If you just always tell the TRUTH about your intentions, you will never need all of this meaningless crap…..When I run up^ on this stuff and nonsense, I just close off the site and never go back. Why would I bother? ~~~~~As for myself, I just state what I am THINKING, at this moment, which is all I have to work with….. I do not have to apologize for anything, because I speak out as honestly as I can, I try my best not to offend any other Human Being, I do not Diss anyone. I figure all humans are my equals, and therefore entitled to their own thoughts. And therein, I find Peace and mutual understanding……Just saying……….

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