Here I was,standing out-side, catching rain-drops on my tongue,

I took a piss, the rain washed it away, like Time sweeps every-thing away; back in my hitch-hiking days, good people would pick me up^ and invite me out to dinner, to share a meal like that was an infinite blessing; I never had to shake the dust from my feet; I was always a welcome, honored guest. I did not lie for gain, I was never tempted to steal from my hosts, I was just, as ever, grateful for this Blessing. So I could travel any-where on this good Earth, and always be welcomed in, for every-man, was my neighbor, my friend. I was Never Afraid, I just had Faith, that it would always work out; and it always did, for that guiding hand was always on my shoulder, steering me in the Right Direction….. ~~~~~This could be called casting one’s Fate to the winds, or just having Faith that everything will come out fine, in the End! ~~~~~I desire to write some-thing powerful here, something that will change many people to rethink their Belief’s; that This Is The Way, It Has to Be!, It does not have to Be This Way, just allow your mind to find it’s own way into the Future; just have Faith, and Faith will guide you along the Way. How did I walk this path to Old Age? I survived youth, and poverty, I was taught how to read and enjoy a good Book, by gifted Teachers; Teacher’s who taught me how to enjoy reading a good, good book, and the Joy of that. Books led my way, How to do this, how to do that; somewhere I found a book by a man or Woman who cared enough to sit down and just write about their experience of life, and how to do, this, or that thing, how to fix my car, how to build myself a nice, cozy home, how to build an out-house that does not pollute my neighbor’s hood, there was a wonderful Book, for everything, thank you for all those writers out there who took their time out just to share their experience with Life! How to enjoy one’s life in three easy lessons: 1: Learn to read books; 2: follow the instructions; Express Gratitude for that author’s efforts to Share that Knowledge; 3: Just live Your own Life!

2 thoughts on “Here I was,standing out-side, catching rain-drops on my tongue,

  1. It is so hard to live your Own life when you are young and have almost no experience of the world. You think you see other people living better lives than you have done and want to be like them – a Fireman or an Astronaut or a Basketballer. Then you have parents and teachers telling you that you have to study hard and work hard so you can become a doctor or a lawyer. And you have friends who are all going to do great things and have a great time and who get married or have fantastic girlfriends and you want what they have or what they want to have.

    Next you get a job or a wife or both and then you have kids and you start living your life so they can have what you have, like your parents before you.

    Then you realise you never really lived YOUR life at all and you try to tell others, to warn them, before it’s all too late.

    But no-one listens, everyone is so busy living a life or they ‘know’ better. And it all continues on like before.

    Get ’em young is my advice.

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  2. I think, I think I have offered books for you to read, on this site, I wonder if I have offered you this gift of pure poetry; called “Under The Sea Wind” by Rachel Carson, Copyright, 1941, It is the purest Poetry I have ever found.!


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