HEY! Ms. Kathy Layer, I thought;

You were following my Blog here on Word Press, yet I fail to see Your name among my followers. Are you afraid to enter your name? I am not a CREEP, I do not Spam People, nor do I make disparaging comments. People are entitled to think what they want to think on this site, at least. You can Like Me, or Hate Me, as YOU will. I do not care, I just say what I think, and go from there. I picked up^ a spammer, I have no-idea why this person would even bother with spamming me, I am a No-Body, a nothing, yet he persists, I asked him to leave me alone, but he was so busy spamming me, he missed the message I sent. So, Delete, Delete, Delete…..And on it goes, like some kind of auto-mated machine, he is un-able to ever even turn it OFF! ~~~~~I thought of going to his house and strangling him with his Power Cord, but that is NOT ME! He forgets, that some-day, he also will die, and that will be the end of it all, for him at least. “Its the End of the World, everyday, for Someone” Margaret Atwood……

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