How MAGIC works for me;

Just the other day, I was traveling down life’s highway, down to my last few chunks of wood, when I spotted this truck full of wood, along-side this high-way, there was a Phone number on it and I called it, and set in motion this marvelous combination of man and machine; this old man appeared, an old guy like me; and he just like magic, made it all happen, wood began to appear, people to stack it up^ and Tarp it, a little company for a few moments of my life, Oh, sure I paid for it with money I had saved up^, but what is money to an old man freezing to death in his home? Gold does not burn,but wood sacrifices it’s self to keep an old man warm in the winter…… ~~~~~This old man I found had a Pot Pipe just like the new one I had just bought at my local Pot store, we shared a smoke, and then he brought me a giant bag of the best smoke I have ever had the pleasure of inhaling for $200.00 bucks, it would have cost, like Two or three thousand dollars in the local pot shops, because of all those taxes levied on it, punishment for the crime of enjoying one’s own self. I do not even remember this old man’s name, I know nothing about him, so I am not afraid to publish this story, he just appeared in my life, made what I needed to happen, happen, and then just disappeared into thin air, this is how Magic works for me. Here is a clue, Be Humble, ask your Mother Earth for Her help, and be Grateful when it arrives…… ~~~~~I left an old man note in that bag of smoke, I said: “Instead of throwing this out as old mans trash, try smoking it instead, it might just open your blind eyes to look at life another way.” That is what this old man says…….

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