If you do not believe in me;

Look at how carefully I have arranged Every-thing, I have a $3,000.00 pile of wood stacked out-side of our house, I went out-side and insulated the water pipe, drained the pond, got the generator running, just in case, we should need it, got that Brand New, old Air compressor to run, just to fill our tires, or send a blast of air up^ that old water pipe, supplying our house, our home. That is called, taking care of business, or at least that is how I understand how it all works. It all works like Magic, if you just takes that first step, to make it all happen. Of, course, this all takes money, but what is money stuffed into your mattress, but old, dead shit? Fire-wood keeps my home warm, Gold, in a vault, far below this Earth, does nothing for me, Gold, no-matter how much I have of it, will not give me one single degree of heat, it does not Burn. On a Cold day what is worth more? A Pound of Gold, or a Pound of Coal? I have thought about these things for a long time now, and I will still take the pound of coal, over that pound of Gold. This is to understand the “Nature of a Cold Day”…….Love, Geo!

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