So, Here I was, sitting in my home, almost deaf,

And I had my Hearing Aids in, and all of a sudden this magical sound began to play in my ears, no radio, no T.V, no You Tube, it was just the sound of Spring Water, running through my home, just the water from that Magical Spring, spilling out of a pipe into my house. It was like a song I had to go and play for on my drums, because it was such a blessing to hear, that water running. I had to go up^ to the source of it and get on my knees to pray, for it to run like that for me. If people think that Mother Earth does not listen to a Heart-full Prayer, come and talk with me….. ~~~~~This World is so full of magic, if people only had ears to hear, and eyes to see. I think it even says in that old men’s Bible: “Ask, and Ye shall Receive” So, I just played my many tongued drums for Her, to thank Her for that Blessing, just to show Her, how much I appreciate that Blessing of Water, flowing through my home…..

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