The State of this World!

I went to the Guardian News site, and clicked on this article: Cyntoia Brown-Long, Traffic’ed, Enslaved, Jailed for Life at 16, (NO date on this Article) This is basically the story of Life on this Earth at this moment in Time, Man’s Inhumanity, to Man and Woman. Could it be why our Children are marching in the streets for a Livable, Humane Future? Have we all side-tracked our conscious just so that we could make MONEY?. Where is the Value in that? We give up on a future, just to have a present? Is it really all just Now, or does Mother Nature have a future in store for Us, If only we can get our Shit Together? Or does it all just return to dust on the wind? ~~~~~”Like the Sun, YOU come up^; like the Wind You go, that is the Song the Raven Sings, it is the only Song He knows.” Ode to Jerry Garcia, Author Unknown……

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