A POEM; an Ode to GREED;

Of what use is all that Gold, stored in those vaults, deep underground? ~~~~~Is it edible? Can it be burned to heat my home? ~~~~~On a cold, cold day, I will gladly trade a pound of Gold, for a pound of Coal, just to keep me from dying from the cold….. ~~~~~Oh! Love comes, at such a cost; ripped from this good, good Earth! ~~~~~Oh! Oh! Oh!, my children, what have we left for YOU? ~~~~~Worthless gold stored in Vaults, deep beneath our streets, guarded by Dead Men, standing watch upon it, with Giant Steel doors, that swing silently open. ~~~~~Of what use is it to me? I have to feed my Children, would it be spent to purchase Food? Or would YOU save it all for YOUR-SELF? ~~~~~Is it like Jesus instructed US to do, to store up^ your Treasures in Heaven, to gift away those things you have here on Earth? ~~~~~The door to Heaven is Open, but one has to enter naked, bereft of riches, naked, alone, the old man at the gate might ask a question or two, “Did You donate your fortune so that others might be able to have a meal?”, Did you allow MY Children to go to bed Hungry? While you stored that good fortune away in that vault? ~~~~~Of what use is it to You Now? Now that You are dead? ~~~~~Oh! I have 120 billion dollars stashed away, can I buy my way in here? ~~~~~Sorry, brother, money is of no use here, in this place, we just all share our good fortune with our brothers and sisters. All of our Children have a safe place to lie their heads to rest, their bellies full of good food! ~~~~~Out-side my door the wind is blowing, the blessed Rain is falling, and the trees are dancing, dancing, dancing along with that wind, I count myself lucky just to be alive to See it all happen…..

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