Dancing with those trees I watched grow…..

I hoisted my lazy ass up^ and walked out-side, and watched this tree across the road just dancing, dancing, dancing in that wind and rain…..I was watching to see which branch of it would decide to climb into heaven,it seems unable to make up^ it’s mind,it is like all of these branches reaching out; with no particular place to go! This is a poem I wrote whilst playing on my many tongued drums, for that sacred fire in my stove, I left the Fire Door open, I watched the flames ignite that log, I just sacrificed for the sake of a fire to warm my home! Tell me friends does the Right Hand know what the Left Hand is doing at this moment in Time? Can that Left Hand Play along with the Right Hand, when I am beating on my drums? It is a question asked and answered, right here, right now. I just played my many tongued drums, I sent the WORD out to Africa, Asia, to Europe, to that good old USA, that evil tongued monster. I destroyed that Monster, with a Single WORD, that word was “PEACE” My Key-board is on Fire; I fire out WORDS, I await the answers……

17 thoughts on “Dancing with those trees I watched grow…..

      1. Complexity proceeds to simplicity in the light of understanding; Why does this Sun shine for US? How does YOUR Heart keep on Beating? It is all a Great GIFT in my mind. Today is my 74 Birth-day, every morning when I wake up^ I just give thanks for my heart still beating, the gift of another day to live in to have existence. That is the Goal Post, my Friend…….

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      2. I didn´t know you are over 70, I thought you are some young man writing an interesting blog. Anyway, keep up with a good work, and wish you more blog friends from all around the world. And thanks for reading my posts…


      3. I will read anything you care to write, my whole 74 years is spent on reading and encouraging all people to write instead of waging War, stupid waste of $$$$$750 Billion $$$$$with that much we could pay off all those outrageous medical bills, we could have all of those homeless people living in houses we could fund “Doctors without Borders” forever, think about these things, brother….

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      4. I am the KING of READERS, I have cracked the pages of every book I could lay my hands on, I have even memorized some of the books I have read; Like “The River Why” by David James Duncan; You will find me on the last page of that wonderful book….Try it!

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      5. Yes, that is right! First time when I used that latin name was when I decided that it would be much more easier for me to write my best posts in a form of an e-zine (even do that were more a set of 12 e-books published on Smashwords), than to write posts on my old Croatian blog. The name implies some sort of a revolution of the human mind and soul, with us, humanity, liberating ourselves from the shackles of materialistic capitalist society (some sort of neo-anarchist e-zine). Even do, the topics in that e-zine were very diversified (as you can read here https://libertasnova.wordpress.com/libertas-nova-ezine/). That is why the logo of that e-zine and todays WP blog has a sun rising up from the letters LN, telling it is time for a new age to come.

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  1. Thank YOU for responding to me, nice post! Have you read my post on Submit VS Sharing? Once we begin to SHARE then this world will be a much, much better place, I am going to click on that site and read the post I absolutely Love the Name! I have been writing, writing, writing, I do not think any-one is reading, maybe YOU only. I thought I would have thousands of readers opening a dialog with me, but Zip, Nada, Nothing…..


  2. Mr. Christius, the only future for our children to enjoy, will come when Capitalism is put to the rest. Other-wise it is only the quest for More, More, More, with no thought for the Future, Got a hundred billion in the bank? Well I must have Two-hundred, and then Three & so on……And then he dies, where is his fortune then? In whose hands does it wind up^ in? At such great cost, accumulated? Slave-wage-labor, provided most of it…..Greed is an evil Disease and a cure must be found for it! This cure is: do not shop for anything but the basic necessities of life; food, clothing, shelter, all the rest of that stuff we purchase only makes the Rich, ever Richer, while one struggles at minimum wage to work off that debt incurred…..My thought only!


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