Here I sit; an old man in his lonely cave, trying desperately to save his precious world:

How’s about we quit all the making of WAR, and find Peace making Music together? ~~~~~Is that a good idea? ~~~~~To the Blind Man, the whole World is Black! To him, the question of color is impossible to answer, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, Pink, or just well tanned by our Sun, It is all the same to him, so why don’t we all just pretend like we are blind? ~~~~~When I walk out-side my door, I do not find my neighbor’s aiming guns at me, they offer me sweet onions to cook in my pan, this is the World I want to surround me! ~~~~~Why is it so hard to listen to our Children, crying out for a future that will embrace them in hands of Love? Love and happiness, and dancing in the street, instead I find the rubble of WAR, the making of BOMBS for PROFIT. ~~~~~Tell me, Friends, could we maybe, just maybe, switch our course here and make way for the “Promised Land?” Like maybe switch all of that BOMB Money over to improving human beings lives? ~~~~~That is my Dream,here/now in this ever-present moment….. ~~~~~Look! Look! Look here now, is this Grateful Dead Band, and Jerry Garcia, tuning up^ His Guitar to play for an audience of 10,000 people or more, over and over again, all over the world! Rhythm, then comes the Beat, and then 20,000 ears are Happy just to LISTEN! ~~~~~Just try it, it works for Me!

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