Like, Like, I am trying to be careful here and play my words;

Like Jerry Garcia’s guitar, such beautiful notes; I am deaf, and yet those notes ring in my ears; I got off my ass and went and tried to play along on my new 12 tongued drum, I did my best, but I could not keep up^ just too good for me, brothers, I had to try; it is not a “Lost Cause”…….Waiting, waiting, for that next note to tickle my brain. It’s all in Time, just wait for it, it will appear, just like Magic. The bad people will go to their graves, and the good, good people will just enjoy this music, this is the song I sing, it goes on forever, like the stars light up^ our night-time sky. I am a new Star, in your night-time sky, if you could take out your precious time to just go out-side to look up^ to find me, I am the Musician, Up^ there in the left hand corner, just playing, just playing along, I love the Beat, I just Love all of this Music surrounding me! Want to avoid War, my friend, just make beautiful Music, and share it with your neighbors, that is all it takes!

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