What a gift; what a wonderful gift I have received;

It took me years and bravery to get this wonderful little machine into my hands, so I could craft Music into WORDS, I can hook-up^ with You-Tube, and listen to all of my favorite music-makers, and just turn each and every note into a WORD; Like craft a poem out of the sheer beauty of just being allowed to breath another breath, for FREE, it comes FREE every breath we Breath comes to US as a gift, from our Mother Earth, step back and think about that for one moment/////What are my intentions here? I want to rip out all of that Gold in those cold, dead vaults and put it to Good Purpose, I want to give the homeless HOMES, I want my fortune to make the sick people WELL, to make sure that no child of mine goes to bed, alone or Hungry…..I am living on in this magical place, where I can call a man on my tella-phone and just have him deliver enough wood to carry me through this cold, cold Winter, and then that Coal-man calls me up^ and asks me; “When can I make my delivery?” And I said:”I only burn Coal on Cold, Cold days, my friend, but, yes, deliver to me that coal, and I will trade my Gold for it……

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