Just for me, and my readers, if I have found One Reader;

Success, I just spent an hour on my twelve and eight tongued drums, I had an audience of one, me, I could have played along with the Grateful Dead, that is how beautiful that music was, this is my Birth-day and I am spending it in solitary confinement, that wonderful Sun is still shinning, Rain-bows are dancing through my home….I made it all happen, as if a dream come true, I wonder if a Neighbor would stop in to check on me, just to see if I am still among the Living Humans, Being myself……I cut off all those News Broadcast’s I just quit the Tuning In, I shut everything off, so I could listen to that Spring Water, flowing through my Home! ~~~~~I , carefully placed this Crystal to reflect Rain-bows inside of my home, but one has to pay Attention to see them…… ~~~~~Write, write, write, at this moment in time I have Sun’s Light dancing on my ceiling as it slides on it’s way to night, the passage of a day is a beautiful thing to watch and see, like watching the wind make a Tree Dance, Dance for Me! If only I have Eyes to view this Glory, it is Good Enough for me; I am a happy little old man

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