OH! Yes, what was it?

What was it I wanted to Write about? Was it that same old story about GREED and that Lust for POWER? I can surely write better dreams than that old tired worn-out subject…..I can dream of Star-Ships going to visit places Light-Years away, because the Men & Women of Earth decided to STOP WASTING all of their hard-earned Money$$$$$ on Weapon’s of WAR……$750 Billion Dollars for What? To keep those many Generals Rich, and living in Comfort? Buying 350 million dollar Jet Planes that are useless against those new guided missiles?…..What a fucking waste of $$$$$….. ~~~~~Forty Million people are Home-less here in this good old USA, Put that figure in your pipe and smoke it……Forty Million people without a safe place to lay their heads down at night; Weight that against the cost of a Brand Spanking New Whiz-Bang Missile. The figures just do not Measure Up^ Gift it up^ to have it all; that is my thought for this Day of Life!!!

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