The Sacrifice:

I am digesting pork right now, I was trying to imagine the Pigs life who led to that tender morsel, It was like a sudden bolt to the brain; that is all I know, I never ever had a life; I was raised on a Feed-Lot, like a billion pigs before me, I never had a Real Life, I was just another figure on an accountant’s book, another dollar in the Piggy-Bank, so to speak~~~~~I have raised some Pig’s to eat, they used to lie down on their backs, for me to give them, Belly Rubs, when I went out to Kill them, I remembered to thank them for the Great Sacrifice of their lives, for me, and I would fire that bullet into their Brains; and cut those guts out; having faithfully followed the instructions in that book I read…..About Butchering Pig’s…..

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