To gain Great Riches, and to gift nothing away;

Is to have lived one’s life in vain. To hoard it all away in a vault some where, to build a Castle on a stow-away island, to even think you can escape the coming storm, you can even buy a Praetor 500: the best mid-size jet ever, and think you can just fly away, yet this storm is everywhere…..All of those Yacht’s will sink in their harbors, and be so much trash on the sea-floor……Here watch this Hurricane’s arrival with 200 MPH winds sit over an island for two or three days and just leave trash behind….. ~~~~~What is Wealth, if one cannot even control the weather? ~~~~~All the money in this World cannot stop a Typhoon from forming, and wrecking it’s Havoc. When these winds decide to blow, entire countries are at risk of damage, people are called upon to FLEE, some follow that advice, other’s stay behind and lose their lives to that Storm….. ~~~~~Try Praying; get down on your knees; and beg this Earth Mother for forgiveness, listen for an answer to your Prayers; if one is Humble, One might find an answer waiting for him to recognize, if one has Eyes to See, or Ears to listen with…… ~~~~~This is advice from an old man, living in a Cave……………………..

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