Hold to Account:

I want to find that so-called “brilliant Young Fuck” who thought out how to cook up^ this poison potion and Kill-off all of my mosquito’s. Did You think this was a Good Idea? Why? Did you think of the consequences of your actions? Sure I did not have to use “DEET TM) this year, but so also disappeared all of my bird friends who used to feed on them. Did you even bother to take that little factoid into consideration? ~~~~~I am going to send you to hell, my stupid friend, and there waiting for you will be all of those mosquito’s you decided to kill with-out even issuing a warning, each and every morning you will wake up^ with a fresh supply of blood in you, and each and every morning those mosquito’s will swarm to YOU to drink that blood……………….. ~~~~~As for all of those Evil men, who dared to make their fortunes on Slave-Wage labor they fall in a special line, at the end of it waiting, praying for a .50 cents a day job so as to fill their empty bellies………………………………………… ~~~~~Justice, Justice, Justice, that is what I hear my people crying out for,well if not in this life-time, maybe in the next, yet Justice will be served, rest assured….. ~~~~~The reason the rich man cannot get into heaven is because his purse is too fat, the door’s, as I have said before, are narrow, and only naked people need apply…… ~~~~~I am done with this post, it is my Birth-day today and I can go and do any-thing I so desire……………..

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