Thing’s I Wish for:

I wish I could make the beautiful Music I play available to all of my new friends on this site… ~~~~~Then I would be a Happy Little Old Man, sitting in his Solitary Confinement Cave…. ~~~~~Is GOOGLE EARTH looking in on me? Do THEY Bother to Watch this GREAT LIGHT SHOW I set Up^ Just for them? ~~~~~Was it a waste of my time here on this Earth? ~~~~~YOU ARE GOING TO fUCK WITH ME, COME ON bROTHER; i WILL JUST SEND THIS MACHINE TO THE TRASH PILE; I WILL JUST CLOSE IT DOWN AND NEVER EVER LOOK AT IT AGAIN HOW IS THAT FOR A HOLLOW WEEN PUMPKIN? ~~~~~WITH-OUT ME TO FUCK WITH YOU AIN’T SHIT BROTHER…..SO KEEP FUCKING WITH ME BROTHER, I WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY IN TO HEAVEN….. ~~~~~i JUST LIGHTED UP THIS WHOLE NIGHT SKY WATCH GOOGLE EARTH! ~~~~~wATCH ME HIT THIS off BUTTON, BROTHER………………………………………………..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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