Just another day in the life of George Trudeau; Aged 74…..

When I woke up^ this morning, I did not even know if I wanted to live another day of Life, I thought long and hard about the “Plastic Bag” Cure, and then I got on my feet and went and gave myself a bath, I heated water in pans, and stripped myself naked, And washed from head to toe,Boy that “Will to Live” is a strong, strong force! I even made myself a bowl of soup, tomato’s with my neighbors onion’s in it…..It saved my life, Because here I am writing about it! ~~~~~When I turn this computer to Off” It becomes a Black Mirror, and I see myself in it, I am just an old man, waiting for my heart to quit beating…………………… ~~~~~I even put on a great light show for my neighbors, but I doubt anybody saw it or even cared how I prepared it……I propped up this Laser machine in the drivers seat of my truck, I stacked old newspapers under it and aimed it at the front of my house, my home and turned it on, It should have been visible from outer-space, yet my friend down-under in Australia could not see it on Google Earth, because Google puts on an old, tired show. It is all in time, my friends, all in God’s Good Time…….

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