Looking Back in time;

I was just remembering that Vietnam WAR, I was an 18 year old kid, all Gung-Ho, to go off to WAR and become a HERO, They gave me an M-60 Machine gun, What a Weapon, It could fire off like a 100 rounds a second, I had belts and belts of ammunition for it, and I was all set up^ to kill all of those gooks…..We were set in an Ambush position and I looked out and saw the ENEMY, It was just an old, old man, checking on his field. ~~~~~So I opened FIRE and put on the best fucking light show for him, I will bet I fired a thousand rounds above his, head, it was almost dark and those tracer bullets just put on a wonderful show……I never killed a single man, woman, or child in that stupid fucking war……Death was all around me, body counts were all important, some-times sniper bullets would whiz by me, what did I care? I was a Hero! I was at WAR! ~~~~~I was one of the Lucky Ones, I got home in one piece…..My little friend in Staten Island, New York, not so lucky, He lost both arms, both legs, to an IED in Iraq, maybe ask him about the so-called Glory of WAR! ~~~~~The happiest day of my life will be when we are spending 750 billion bucks to replant our forests, and not one dime on bombs!

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