Over 50 years ago I shot and killed a man because a Woman Lied to me and said this man was abusing her Children, I was convicted of the crime of “Manslaughter”…….. ~~~~~I served out my time in prison, I was paroled early for my “Good Behavior” and yet this hangs over my head still. Just the other day the daughter of the woman I loved faithfully for over thirty years, called the police on me, because I was a “Convicted Felon”. I never ever picked up^ another gun, I always minded my P’s and Q’s . When I found myself with extra money I sent it to my local food pantry……. The “Machine” Never, ever forgets…..This youthful mistake I made hangs over my head, even today. I thought I had earned “Forgiveness” But I guess I was just lying to myself……After all of these years of living my life as a GOOD MAN, I am still being Punished……For making a stupid, youthful mistake. Go Figure……

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