I can, and I shall make all things well, I will play me drums, for the people and find a cure for all of these Ills……

Instead of $750,000,000 billion bucks spent on weapons of War and Destruction, why do we not use them to find a Cure for Cancer? Boy those Doctor’s would work hard for that kind of MONEY! ~~~~~I am just having the best of times, figuring out how to spend that WAR money I won, from Vietnam, who to Gift it to, how to make it just go on forever, supporting the causes I Love. Every month, One Less Bomb, because of me! ~~~~~Any-day now my Precious Lady is going to figure out that I cured Her of Cancer, just by playing on my Magical Drums, For Her. Her x-rays will show up^ negative for Cancer, just wait and see, if I can work MAGIC, to make my lady come back to me, I will be a Happy, Happy, old man, I have everything prepared for her arrival, Clean Sheets for her bed, every-thing done that I could possibly do to prepare for Her arrival…..I am Love-sick for Her,,,,,

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