Share VS Submit;

I still see that, what I consider, to be an evil word at the bottom of some web-sites….SUBMIT…..I just wrote out the definition for Submit in my last article, Let us consider instead the Word SHARE…..To SHARE this book, I loved with You; To SHARE my good fortune with You; To SHARE something I Love with You; To SHARE this Music with You (YOU-TUBE)……How about, I SHARE my Life with You? ~~~~~Let us try that just for a change. Oh! And Please get rid of all that Fine Print Crap……No-body can be bothered to read it any-way. I read one once; it took me over one-hour, and it was just meaningless drivel, Expensive Lawyer Speak…..I carefully read each and every word, and it made no sense to me, it meant NOTHING, a total waste of my precious time here on Earth……..

2 thoughts on “Share VS Submit;

  1. Al the fine print is not meant for the user, the writers do not care (and probably prefer) if you don’t read or understand it – if you did you probably would realise what they are offering is not worth the trouble.

    The Fine Print is to protect THEIR Asses – and make sure they can rip you off and win any law suits you try to make against them, or they make against you.

    That’s what fine print is really for – certainly nothing to do with benefit TO us!

    They want you to Submit – everything to them.

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    1. Once again that EVIL word:”SUBMIT” VS MY “SHARE” I actually had some soft-ware engineers help me, when I got to page 2 of that contract and could not understand a single word of it, I just found them on the net and said:”Hey, bother’s you lost me at page 2, and they just made every-thing happen for me; It is that old-time magic at work for little old me……I contacted them, because they made me this nice offer, they even sent my money back to me and Apologized! That is how magic works for me, my Brother, I just had to take the time to seek out and find these people, working hard on their computer’s, and once I found them, well, I just told them what I wanted and desired, and they made it Happen!

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