Another POEM;

I was out-side today petting an Elephant’s Belly, and then I visited the Ocean, and petted a Whale’s Blow-Hole, they swam up^ just to visit with me…..And then they went HOME, where-ever that place is, I have never been able to discover how a Great Full Dead Band, just plays on for hours at a time, If I could figure this out, I would become the greatest Musician in this World. I would have all of the people lined up^ at my door, just begging to play with me, I have many, many drums, I would unpack them, just to have people play along with me! ~~~~~Maybe, together We could set up^ a World-Wide Beat, and find PEACE and UNDERSTANDING of each and the OTHER, Just play along with me, I am an old man, living in a cave, I pray to the Great Spirits each and every day, I pray for PEACE, and human beings understanding what this LIFE is all about. It is about LIVING, being aware of the LIFE around YOU, the Tree’s, the Grass, the Flowers, The Weaving of the WIND through the Beautiful Tree’s…..I have a LIFE-Sentence Here, so I am just trying to make the Best of It!

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