The Long, Long, Fast;

I started out on this 40 day and forty night fast, Just to see how Jesus survived it. On day thirty, my brain went to sleep, and had a dream, It dreamed of wonderful things, happening here on Earth, as it is in Heaven. I even dreamed of my children dancing in the streets to celebrate another day of living, another day of Life! ~~~~~I even dreamed of our children living off of the re-forested land, spending maybe, an hour gathering the fruit from the trees, to feed them-selves. And then I saw the Future, it was such a wonderful place; The Oceans were alive with fish, and whales, and birds, and all manner of things, big and small, like little tiny fish, and plankton to feed my whales, I owned all of it! Of course this is just a fevered dream, Greed still holds sway; until we can give that up^ nothing will change……

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