I rolled into my town;

And found all of these people just standing in line, at their local Food Pantry; awaiting a hand-out, it made me ashamed to see that, when there was no excuse for that to happen! Not in my Home-town, so I wrote out checks today for $10,000 bucks, to my local Food Pantry, to MSF, (Doctors without Borders) to another friend in New York, for their courage in the face of adversity, in the case of their son, who lost all four limbs, in an IED attack in Iraq, He has set up a Foundation: “Road Home”, that funds home’s for widows of these horrible Wars, I consider it Money, Well Spent! I have never, ever wrote out a check that big, in my life-time, yet I can do it NOW, put it in writing! ~~~~~To have the gift of Life, is that not enough? To stow away a fortune, for one’s self is a waste of one’s life, to just gift it away is instead a great blessing, it comes back to you like a stone rolling down that hill…..God is Great, this gift of life, He gives us, do not take it for granted……What good is a Fortune, if one cannot Gift it away? Money in a mattress is like dead leaves in the Autumn, just rotting away; and Gold in those Vaults deep under-ground is so much dross in the hands of TIME! ~~~~~I was just going Crazy here, alone in my home, so I was just thinking to go and practice a lick on my drums, just to play for myself, because no-body else seemed to be interested enough to stop in and join in with me……I was trying to figure out how to make a Live-Post on You-Tube, but it was just too complicated for little old me, all I ever wanted to do was play my Music for YOU!

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