Look Out, Look Out! An Asteroid is heading Your Way;;;;;

The “Ship of Fools” is about to sink, this battle of GREED VS LIFE on Earth is almost WON! I have, myself gathered up^ the Power of Words, to change this world into a place MY CHILDREN will LOVE to grow up^ in, a Home of Sanity and RESPECT for ONE and the OTHER. I have shut myself away from everything, I have descended into SILENCE, and Self-Starvation, in a cave on the side of the Mountain, I will persuade the people to FREE THEMSELVES from GREED and the Never ending LUST for War and POWER. ~~~~~We, We, We, will Build The House of Man Kindness, We will shed OUR Feet of those binding Shoes, and let our feet, once again, feel the soil of this Great, Good Earth…..We will walk in FREEDOM through the Forests of LIFE, picking FRUIT from the TREES of LIFE to eat. ~~~~~NO GREED=NO POVERTY, It is as simple as that! ~~~~~So, let US spend our LIFE-Times walking through those Forest’s we have planted and brought back to LIFE once again, let US Enjoy this Journey, Allow US to LOOK-OUT not, UP, to Love this endless Journey through Time & Space….. ~~~~~Whilst here I sit on this machine typing words into Empty Space, words that seem to have no meaning, Hey! Mr.Bob Berman, what do I not understand about the Speed Of Light, If Time Stops there, does it mean that this Universe will go on Forever? ~~~~~That the Stars will never die? When I look out-side at night and see a Nova Flare, does it mean a whole civilization has just disappeared? ~~~~~If we are made of STAR_DUST as some suppose, does it take a Nova’s Flare to make it happen all over again? Questions, Questions, Questions, that seem to have no answers…..

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