How MAGIC works for me;

This all started back in the month of August, when I looked inside my old wood/coal stove, and saw, all of my old metal work burned away. Shit, I said, this stove is not safe for Winter’s arrival…..I had to undo like fifty or sixty nuts and bolts, just to get those burned parts out, and then I thought, well I will find a welder to make those parts for me…..And I found a Father/Son welding team, and they took on my job, building me new parts, from that old, scrap metal, and I said;”I desire two of everything” And when I went to pick up^ that work and pay for it, They said; “No Charge, Brother, just pass it on” And I did that, I doubled all of my monthly donations to good causes….. ~~~~~An aside: Note to dumb people who might see me as an Easy Mark, I may be a little old man, but I stand AWARE and ABLE to Defend My-self! The last Spammer I had was found at home DEAD, strangled to death on his Power Cord……. ~~~~~So, I was down to my last five pieces of wood to burn, and I went into town and saw this truck load of wood, so I got in touch with this wood-man, and in two days, he had this pile of wood, delivered, ever truck-load was bigger than the last one! I have a whole Winter’s worth of wood + a Giant Bag of the Best Weed as a gift! The price I had to pay for this was almost nothing! Well worth every penny I paid, just to have it all happen…… ~~~~~It all comes down to a Science, the Science of planning Ahead, I repaired and insulated my water hose, so that Spring Water Gift, just flows through my Home, I can hear it running now, even tho I am almost 90% deaf…… ~~~~~I spent some of my Money on Eight & Twelve Tongued Drums, just so I could Play on them, and pretend that I was in a Stadium, with 20,000 people watching me work out on those Drums….. ~~~~~I pretended I was Mr. Jerry Garcia on His Magical Guitar, and I just played to please MYSELF, So There you have it, How Magic works for me, anyway!

6 thoughts on “How MAGIC works for me;

  1. I see you had to change the original post a little.

    Hunger for money is a powerful force in this world, people who want it seek to get it from anyone who has it -especially if they seem an easy mark to them!

    Did you block the loser? ( Right-click on any comment they send and ‘edit’ it then click the ‘spam’ button below the edit box. )


      1. Strange days, my Friend, Strange indeed! Remember my Welder Friends story? Where they did the work for free? I just had Word-Press refund me a payment I made to them in gratitude for this wonderful web site, where I can write to my heart’s content, and enjoy the “Freedom of Speech” They had sent me an e-mail asking me if I wanted to “Monetize” my site, and I wrote back and told them What would I do with “Money”, except try to donate it back to org.’s that I cherish and respect, like Doctor’s without Borders, or my local food pantry, maybe they read my post on Submit VS Share? Have YOU read that one yet? I tried to get my local bank to send out my money in donations, and could not make it happen, and then, and then, I slapped myself in the face, and realized all I had to do was Write Out Checks, put a Stamp on the Envelope, and drop them into the “Mail Box” Help keep our lovely little Post Office in Business! I just ordered a “Google” I phone which I will probably never figure out how to use, because I am so grateful for this wonderful set-up^ they made available for us to use for FREE! P.S. I finally got rid of that evil man spamming me, I just wrote an open letter to him on Word Press and told him if he did not quit F–king with me I was going to find his home and come in and strangle him to death with his Power Cord! Love Ya,Brother in heart & Spirit!

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      2. Recipe: One Can of Campbell’s New England Clam Chowder, One can of Pacific Oyster’s, one can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup, a few thin slices of my neighbor’s Giant Onion, Heat, stir, Enjoy!

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      3. Sounds like that would keep you warm and happy as you watch the Sun set into the Bearing Strait!

        Have never been a great oyster fan – usually i enjoy seafood.


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