Something Beautiful for YOU!

Let us start off with a walk by the sea’s shore, the wind is mild, and those steady waves are just barely kissing the shore, and you are walking, bare-foot, those waves are Kissing Your Feet, but you are not yet aware of it, because your mind is else-where, a Whale Breaches the surface, yet one hardly notices it, when one’s mind is Else-where. There, there, there is a Leopard Seal, diving for a Tuna Fish; uh! oh! You missed that whole show! ~~~~~Once you step outside, feel that wind stirring up^ your hair, feel every branch on every tree, just quivering in that wind, and you will feel the urge to dance with that wind…… ~~~~~Some-times Life sends you hard knocks, but like that boxer in the ring, you get up^ before the bell rings, you get up^ on your feet, and you go another round! ~~~~~Some-times a Big Wind Arises, and creates a Stormy Sea, and a ship sinks, down, down, down, into the bottom, what happens to all of those Sailors? Do they just Die and await entry into Heaven, or are they resting on the bottom, awaiting a rescue ship, that never arrives? All of those Flesh-Stripped bones awaiting burial at HOME…… ~~~~~Strange things to be found in the bottom of those sea’s my friends! ~~~~~One has to go out into one’s garden to see a single Flower Bloom, but it is much, much better than sitting inside glued to that $ machine. Quit listening to that News Machine, your head will feel so much Better, You will find the time to just be quiet, and Listen to the leave’s falling off of your trees in the Autumn Breeze, this will Sooth You, You will find Happiness there, It is like God took YOU into His Arms, and told YOU how much HE LOVED YOU!

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