For My Word-Press People;

I just want to put out a BIG THANK YOU! For designing this wonderful Site!, I can come here and write up^/down anything that I am thinking of, and no-body says BOO! ~~~~~I sent these wonderful people $ just say how much I Loved them, and they Refunded it to me……Go Figure that one out……. ~~~~~And then I sent a note to them: “If you all Love me so much, send me one-million dollars” I do not know if that check is on the way to me….. ~~~~~But when I receive it, I will just Gift it all away, for Money means nothing to me, I found out that I had every-thing I need, what MORE do I want or Desire? ~~~~~Another log to sacrifice upon my Fire, a bite to eat, now and then, and I am a HAPPY OLD MAN!

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