Be Creative, Write Some-Thing!

I started off with Writer’s Block, and then I wrote a Word, and then I Wrote, another Word, and then the words began to just Flow out of myself; and the more I wrote, the better the words began to sound, even to my own ears, (Tho I am Deaf). I spent 50 or 60 years of my life-time being a READER of WORD’S, Now it is my turn at this Key-Board (Type-writer to us oldies), How’s about Inter-Stellar Communications? ~~~~~Possible when all men find Peace and Brother-hood, no war’s no Weapon’s need Apply! I Think, the Key to Inter-Stellar travel lies within us, if only we could learn how to live in Peace with all of our Brother’s and Sister’s……I am Aware that I have said this all Before, but it seems to me, that we need constant reminding of the fact that no-one get’s into Heaven, unless they are Naked, as new-born Babe’s come into this World…… ~~~~~I have no qualms over the Rich Men, I just ask; What are you going to do with all of that Good Fortune? Keep it all for your-self? Or maybe use it to do some good in this World of Ours? I know of many worthy causes; Like Doctor’s Without Borders, Like “Mercy Ship’s” Like Amnesty Now, So many human beings dedicating their lives to make this World, a better place for all to live in! ~~~~~It is not so hard to do; just write out a check, and put it in the mail, our faithful Post Office Workers, will see that it is delivered! ~~~~~Every Month I put out my checks in the mail, I have not gone Broke yet, I only have more to send! End of this message!……

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