I am going to WRITE;

That is what I am Here For on This Site! I used to think that all of these words I write could bring about a change to this World, but I found out that Words, were just so many WORDS. I was trying to cure this World of the deadly, infectious disease known as: GREED & The LUST for POWER & PROFIT, Yet it still runs on uncured, impossible to control…… ~~~~~What to do? What to do? Should I Write a Manifesto? Order every one to Cease and Desist from Murder, bombs, Mayhem? ~~~~~I find that simple words will not do the trick, I have to find another way to the Magic route to Peace, brother-hood, and mutual RESPECT……Remember Aretha Franklin? R-E-S-P-E-C-T? ~~~~~How does one live so long in this World, and I said: “Just Treat All Men as Equals”, I said……Easier Said, than Done, because some men are Black, or Brown, or Yellow skinned or maybe Red-Men, or just Tanned Men…… ~~~~~And then I closed my EYES, and all things were Black! ~~~~~A white man will own a Black dog, yet Hate the Black Man, and a Black Man may Hate a white man, while owning a White Dog…… ~~~~~What gives here? Is this an INSANE Asylum? ~~~~~I think, that Insanity has taken over our Planet….. ~~~~~Why would one man pick up a gun, and proceed to murder his own Brother? Is this a repeat of Cain VS Able? Over, and over again, endlessly, never to end? ~~~~~Can any-one tell me why we here in the Good Old USA, spend $750 BILLION $ on Weapons of War, when there are people standing in line at Food Pantries? ~~~~~Why we here in that Good OLD USA are sending out the bombers every day to unload those horrible weapons on mostly Innocent People? ~~~~~Could it just be to keep those bomb making factories providing jobs and Huge Profits for their Employers? Nah! I must be wrong about this, Why; we are living the American Way! ~~~~~I wonder why Human’s are so concerned about $$$$$, when all it does is molder away, when we reach our Grave? All of that Gold in the Vaults, is not edible, I would gladly trade a pound of Gold on a cold day for a pound of Coal, Gold does not Burn, Coal does! And yet we RAPE this Earth to dust for it! Why does it have such a Value, that men will lie, and cheat and steal to possess it? ~~~~~Because Men Hoard it, and seek to possess it, though on a Hunger Day, it has no Value, Food has Value, A lump of wood, or coal has Value on a cold, hungry day. ~~~~~Maybe, Someday Men will finally learn to store their treasures in Heaven, instead of Bank Vaults here on Earth; That would be a Great Day!…..Done Here!

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