What is it about MONEY;

that seems to drive People Mad with Desire? Every site I visit seems to say to me; Oh! Money-size this? What happens when a Man does not give One-Shit about Money?..~~~~~, It is , to me, just a gift I can Gift Away…… ~~~~~What appears to me, is the more I Gift Away, the more I have to Gift-Away……~~~~~Any-way, that is How It Works, for little old me!….. ~~~~~I gifted my Local Food Pantry, a nice gift, and the next day on my door-step appeared this couple with a gift of a loaf of bread and a cup of soup! + It was my favorite Bread!……How could they have Known? ~~~~~Magic has so much to teach Human Beings, if they would accept it’s presence! ~~~~~I have had my share of Hard Knocks in my life-time here, but I learned how to just Carry-on! Every-thing will be OK! in the End……How, on Earth did I ever get to 74? ~~~~~I guess, I guess, I had a Good, Good, Guardian Angel, a-sitting on my shoulder, guiding me on My Way!

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