Am I stuck here or what?

I do not have to live up^ to expectations….. I just write what I Think of in this Moment of time, all of the rest is already History, stored away in musty old books, a meal for worms……~~~~~Even this “Word” I write is already consigned to History, because by the time you read this TIME has Passed into History……No Evil Men are going to enter my Home, to Shut Me Up^……Because I always, always, just tell the Truth, (As I see It)……..~~~~~Maybe because I see GREED and the LUST for POWER & Profit, as an evil disease that must be Killed, as Malaria is a disease, used by this Earth as a population control……I wonder if my brothers ever recognize that each and every breath they take into their lungs is a Gift of the Great Creator? ~~~~~ I go to Surf on the Sun’s Wind, I will ride the wildest waves She can Produce, I am a Sun-Surfer, Since all of light travels at the Speed -of-Light no time has passed……. I am Free to Go!

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