Nap, then Awake;

I shut myself OFF. From all news sources, Radio, Magazines, the T.V. Tube, 30 years gone, not even missed!…..It got to be the same old Drivel, over and over again, mind numbing; and then BUY, Buy, BUY, more useless crap to fill the empty spaces in your Mind! ~~~~~~Enter HERE; Wage-Debt-Slavery…….All gone, without a trace of Regret!..~~~~~Enter the Land of No-thing, the Land of No Regrets………..~~~~~It is like the Great full Dead just playing on and on into Forever Land, Jerry Garcia, My Hero! ~~~~~An Awakening! Just the other day my Neighbor, a Piano Player listened to me play my twelve tongued drum, and invited me over to Play with Him! He Played for Me a Concert of all the songs He Loved, I was in Seventh Heaven! ~~~~~Today: 11/16/2019 First Snow-fall! Now I can use my Sled, instead of my wheel-barrow to haul in the wood for my Fire-place! What is this All About? ~~~~~This is about leaving a livable Future for our Children!……………………………………~~~~~Get your asses out and re-plant a Forest, make sure to Plant many Fruit Trees, so our children can just reach up^ and grab an avocado, or an pear, an make a meal of it! Find a cure for selfishness! My neighbor, just brought over two cups of Soup, to tide me over in my time of Grief, at the loss of my Lady…..How nice was that? It is all in Time, and Time has no Memory!

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