It Is Always, and Forever About:

The MONEY, The more of it people get, the more they desire MORE of it. They will accumulate tons of Gold, ripped out of this good Earth at great cost, and ask yourselves of what use is Gold? It is mined out of earth, and then stored back underground in great, guarded Steel Vaults, on carts, with names on it, and then the gold hoarder dies, and to whom does it belong now? Gold is an Inert Metal, good for making fancy trinkets, nothing else, it cannot be eaten, it cannot be burned for heat, on a cold day which would you rather have to hand, a Pound of Coal, or a Pound of Gold? ~~~~~Look at all the Rich Old Men, 85, 90 years old still after another Billion Bucks, Not one of them can ever say: “I’ve got enough.” And then they die, whose fortune is it now?….. ~~~~~I can also state with confidence, that not a single one of them has any morals, or a beating, caring Heart, they never deign to notice the homeless, the impoverished people bankrupted by medical bills, the workers who are paid so little that they qualify for food stamps, and housing assistance, yet almost every one of these people would share the shirt off their back to help their neighbor….. ~~~~~Am I beating up^ on the Rich here? Damn tooting I am, when our country can spend 750 Billion Bucks on 350 million dollar fighter jets, that are easily destroyed by modern 10 million buck missiles, 20 billion dollar Aircraft Carriers that all it takes is one Chinese Silk-worm missile to destroy, those fancy computerized weapons, that are so easily hacked these days, what a sad joke on us. The Pentagon lives in a dream-land, so much money just disappears into thin air, or the Generals Pockets, they have not been able to produce an audit of their spending for the last thirty years….. ~~~~~The Rich will collect every last penny from the pockets of the working men, women, you people who shop on Goliath Amazon, you are filling Mr. Bezo’s pockets to the tune of a Billion Bucks a month, because he has figured out he can get you to buy his cheap toilet paper, delivered to your door, and tempt you into using his spy devices and his cheap membership fees, great deals, right? Meanwhile your local, hard working store owners go broke and disappear, forever. (I, myself, do all of my shopping locally) Sure I might have to pay a few extra dollars, but I sure enjoy going into my stores and being greeted by those cashiers, and my local drug store will get me anything I need, all I have to do is ask,because they know I am keeping my money in my community. ~~~~~I think my fellow humans need to decide what they want more, a thriving local economy, or give all your money to the richest man on earth…..Mr. Big B. would not think to donate $5.00 to his local Food Pantry, not when he can keep it all for himself,and not when he can squeeze his workers into running around like robots, fulfilling all those orders……The poor man, had to part with 60 Billion bucks to shed himself of his wife, OH, Woe is me…..But do not worry, he will get it all back…..I wonder if he even realizes that he also has to die someday, and where will his mega bucks go? How will he explain to Saint Peter at the Pearly gates what he did with his Life,except make Money? ~~~~~End of diatribe against the Rich……

2 thoughts on “It Is Always, and Forever About:

  1. You express yourself strongly and I can’t argue that money is more wisely spent on universities, and hospitals than missiles and aircraft carriers. However, I would suggest it is the love of money that is the sin, and not the money itself. Some people who are wealthy have donated large sums to hospital, over 10 million dollars by one man, and others support annual grants to high school students for university.


    1. When the Rich make their “Donations” it is a big Lie, as they can then write it off their taxes, and since the Gov’t needs those taxes to function they have to make it up^ from some-one else, guess who really made that “Donation?” All those tax-payers who had no “Write-off’s” It is a wonderful feeling to have your name on a building, or a hospital wing, at almost no-cost……Check-out “Donor’s Trust” I do not have much $, yet every month I send $100.00 to my local food pantry, so that my neighbors do not go to bed hungry! Like I said Mr. Big B, would not think to donate $5.00 to his food pantry…..Your are right about the Love of Money!


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