To: Simply Pao;

Woman, that act of Thinking, can really mess with one’s mind….It always, Always, wants to be in Control! “When the mind is still, than, and only then, can Love enter in” J. Krishnamurti……Sure, when I was young, anger pervaded my days, because things were not going the way “I” wanted them to……I gave all of this up^, when people would express anger toward me, I realized that they were only mad at themselves, but the only way they found to express this was to rant and rave at someone other them themselves……So, I just stood and listened, I showed no reaction, it was like water off a duck’s back, and before you could say Jumping Jack!, it was over! I have not felt or expressed Anger for many years now, What was there to be Angry about? It is just life, human beings, being them-selves…..By my not reacting to Anger, the Anger was quelled….. You,it seems to me take everything personally, as if YOU are responsible for the whole state of this world……Well, YOU are not responsible, this world goes it’s own way, irregardless of YOU…… Think to your-self, if I was dead, who would miss me? You cannot make your children Happy, that is not your job, your job is only to bring to adulthood responsible, caring, thinking for them-selves young children, that you brought into this life via the acts of sex and child-bearing….. Do not Beat up^ on yourself! This is self-defeating, and you will miss out on a large part of what could have been a wonderful life lived…..I am an older man, how did I get to this ripe old age? ~~~~~I learned to just take each and everyday as it presented it’s self…..I learned to watch the trees grow around me, how the flowers presented themselves in the Spring-time, How the waves of the oceans continue to beat upon the shore, the sands of time beat ever on…… Shine your Light, and Shine it Bright, this will assist in bringing Peace everlasting to our one and only livable Planet, Earth will rejoice, The forces of evil are as nothing in this Loving Universe we dwell in for such a short time….. ~~~~~Think on these things, where did that Butterfly come from, How do those Irises know when to bloom? How does the Sun continue to give us light, heat, and yes, Life for billions of years? I think that there is a Great Spirit that pervades this Universe, it is not subject to waves of depression, or this Universe would cease to exist, All things have a purpose, all things work together to create a meaningful existence on this and other Earths, even the lowly amoeba has a place, a purpose to serve. Ask your-self for courage in the face of adversity, and you will find it! I will suggest, that instead of those experts you consult with J. Krishnamurti, Commentaries on Living, Series of three books, 1954-56. There you will find the help you seek to just live out your life, in as calm and peaceful a manner you seem to be seeking…..Your friend out here; George…..

2 thoughts on “To: Simply Pao;

    1. My Friend, when one maintains calmness in the face of anger, one sucks all the energy out of it. When one returns anger with anger, it just feeds the monster, like I said usually when people are ranting and raving it is them-selves they are angry with, usually because they did not get their way with something, usually some-thing so petty, as to be laughable! Hope YOU are having a good day! Alaskaman


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