What the (F ) are we doing?

This planet inhabited by 8 Billion Humans, and a decreasing amount of our fellow birds, mammals, fish, insects,etc; has entered, I think, our last days, our unmitigated greed for evermore seems to have no end in sight, except that this Planet is isolated, and therefore limited in Supply. Once we have used it all up^, what does the Future hold? Oh! Sure, life’s longing for it’s self will once again repopulate this Earth, but it will take 100 million years or so, the Earth has time on it’s side, Humans, on the other hand have not much time left. ~~~~~Already the Heat waves, the storms, the droughts, are an example of this Living Planet, trying in the only way it knows how to speak to us; the people would be wise to listen, and to maybe decide to live their lives in accordance with Nature, instead of in a constant battle with it….. ~~~~~Once,a long time ago, this Earth was covered in Ice, maybe the Sun shut down for a million years or so, just decided it was not worth burning itself up^ for?, If you think the Sun does not have a life of it’s own, one is sadly mistaken, this whole Universe is predicated on Life, look around your-self, life everywhere, all designed to fill a niche of existence, from the lowly amoeba, the virus, up^ to the whales and elephants, all serve a Purpose! ~~~~~Today is called “Thanksgiving Day”, How many humans will step outside their homes and thank the Earth for providing Life for us? How many people will thank the Sun for continuing to Shine for Us? Not many will be bothered, I am afraid to think of selfishness, but that is the crux of the problems facing us “Human’s” Also not such a Great Day for the Turkeys, the millions Sacrificed to fill our bellies…..Off their Heads, my Grand-daughter used to say as I prepared a sacrifice of some of our animals to keep us alive.~~~~~Once upon a time my Lady and I were Goat and Sheep herders, we would sell most of the males to Philippine people and I would have to butcher them all, yet the goats all knew their names and came to me when called, and none of them fought their inevitable deaths….. One time I had to butcher this beautiful goat because she had got Mastitis, I stuck the knife in her throat and as she bled out we stood together watching this beautiful sun’s set, her blood drained out and yet she stood there with me for at least 1/2 hour, calm, still, silent until, finally she dropped to her knees, and fell over, it was a sad Magical Moment…… Those animals taught me a lot about life, and how to live it with Dignity….. ~~~~~I am writing here to Wage Peace, instead of War, I am writing here to Ensure a Future for Our Children, I am writing here to find the cure for Greed, the Lust for Power, & Profit at any cost…..I am writing here to build the “House of Mankind” where once completed will open a portion of this wonderful Universe to Us…….These are my Goals, I will not cease to strive for that until my Heart decides to quit beating…….

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