So, here we go again, burning up^ those Credit Cards, buying everything we do not need to have a life here on Earth…..Oh! the Master Corporations are rubbing their hands in Glee! The Debt just grows & grows, and the Master Card & Visa collect ever more Interest, Richer & Richer they grow, meanwhile we fill our homes with ever more crap….. ~~~~~The garbage dumps are over-flowing, where to put all of this trash, especially that plastic packaging? Will this mind-set ever end? I fear Not! ~~~~~Just Say: Charge It! And then you are a Wage Slave for another year…..What a deal! Amazon’s Mr. Bezo’s will bank another one or two Billion Bucks, Brother’s Wake Up^, all you need is food, clothing, Shelter from the storm…..The best entertainment is Yourself! Learn how to be happy, all by yourself, gift each other this Christmas with the gift of your-self! Talk to each other, go out on the street and give a gift to a homeless person, donate $$$$$ to your local Food Pantry, then you will have made a difference instead of more Profit…..All of that Stuff you purchase in those stores will wind up^ in the garbage dump, what a waste, when it could be put to good use! Just Saying!

5 thoughts on “BLACK FRIDAY;

    1. Is that minimalist as in learning how to live on practically Nothing? I live a minimalist life, a little food, some few clothes, shelter from the storm, no T.V., nothing but this little lap-top computer to communicate with as I am deaf, when I find money I donate it to my local food pantry so my neighbors do not go hungry to bed. Doctor’s Without Borders get a big chunk, because they are what medicine is all about, healing people who are sick, distressed, and sending them out their door without a big bill hanging over their heads, and they judge no-one……that my friend is minimalist…..

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    2. Hey! Allen, thinking of you my Brother in Italy, I almost wish I was a tourist so I could come and meet you in Person, but I swore off Airplanes many years ago when I was treated like a common criminal at an airport, me a Vietnam Vet; and that strip search, no way am I going to subject myself to that again…..I will walk everywhere I have to go, 10 miles, twenty miles, I just start on that first mile, enjoying the scenery along the way. This pace of Life is Sweet, I am in no hurry as I have a life sentence here just like everybody else, what is the Hurry? My heart will decide when it wants to quit beating, until then I will write my brain out…..


  1. Good On YOU! The only way we will defeat the Greed Monster, is to Keep our hand on our Wallets. When I find a few extra bucks in my wallet I give them away to MSF, or my local Food Pantry, because I do not want One Child to go to Bed Hungry…..And All Children I consider My Children! I consider myself to be Blessed because I have Food, Clothes & Shelter from the Storm, My wood stove heats my water, I do not need no micro-wave oven, I do not need to sit like an idiot and surrender my brain to a T.V., This lap-top allows a deaf man to have communication with the whole world!

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