Let Us Make A Giant Wave;

So now Gifted50 and I have people tuning in to Us, so maybe we are talking Sense to a Crazy World, If I have 36 people tuning in to me, maybe those 36 can turn into 3600, and then 36,000, maybe we can defeat that Greed Monster that is destroying this Only Livable Planet, leaving only ruins for Our Children to Inherit from Us….. ~~~~~Let us take all of the weapons of War & melt them down into Wind-mills, let us learn how to Love One and the Other, let us build the “House of Mankind” so that just maybe, maybe, we will be taken off the List of so-called Aliens, “Do Not Visit” list. We can do it! All it takes is for Us to treat all men, women & children as equals, forget the “Other” there is no “Other” there is just US……. ~~~~~My advice: Do not Shop for Junk this Holiday, instead, donate to Good Causes, Like Doctor’s Without Borders, Hospice, Your local Food Pantry, the Red Cross, instead of making Mr. Bezo’s of Amazon Prime ever more the Richest man on this Planet, do some Good Thing…..Donate in your Children’s Name and tell them what you did! You will earn a Blessing, you will have stowed your good fortune in Heaven, where it belongs……

2 thoughts on “Let Us Make A Giant Wave;

  1. Ironically I was reading about small changes leading to big results. However the writer cautioned against high goals. This made me think. I think that is the right choice. Making and beating a goal feels better than never getting close. Can you think about a short term goal that realistically possible in the short term?


    1. Sure Brother 58, I can think of a goal for you, do Not Shop for Christmas Presents that eventually wind up^ in the dump, instead donate that $$$$$ to worthy causes, and tell your kids what you did in their names, and say: “This was Money Well Spent” Therefore you have set the Example for the Future, where generosity is the order of the day, instead of a closet full of junk……


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