All in the news are People Protesting in the streets, almost all over this world. ~~~~~Why? Perhaps it is the Great Awakening! People are just sick of being fed all the lies, the propaganda, the utter bull-shit being spoon-fed into complacency to keep them Consuming more, ever more, crap, junk, useless Things….. Maybe, just, maybe, people will discover that we can scrap-heap the Armies, the Navies, the Air Forces, the Marines…… ~~~~~I will tell you all this: Mother Earth is Pissed off, humans refuse to listen to Her warnings, so now Terrible Storms are heading our way, it is not going to be pretty, we will need those Navy Ships for rescue work, those giant Air Force Cargo Planes to deliver food, water, medical supplies. Any Country that can afford to spend 750 Billion bucks on WAR, while 40 + million of its people live lives of abject Poverty ought to be ashamed of its self! ~~~~~And do not get me started on my thoughts of World Destroying Nuclear Weapon proliferation! How absolutely Stupid is that scheme? To dedicate 1 + Trillion dollars to rebuilding our Nuclear Weapons is the height of Stupidity! ~~~~~Shame, Shame, Shame, on all those Scientists who devoted their brilliant minds to design Planet Destroying Weapons of WAR…..This has to STOP! And it has to STOP NOW! We are all basically trapped on this One Livable Planet within Light Years of us, it is not like we can just pick up^ and leave this Earth behind, Life on Mars is a sick joke, Venus is useless unless you are a devil, accustomed to 800 + degrees Temp’s and a sulfurous atmosphere. ~~~~~NOW is the time for Change, People had better wake Up^ and take to the streets in the billions of us, or there will be no Future for our children to Inherit….. I hold Great Hope for our children, Why? Because with their little portable phone/computers they can get in touch with each other, they can form world wide protests to make us STOP destroying any Hope for their Future….. ~~~~~Greed & the Lust for Power & Profit, is an Evil Disease, we must find a cure for it! ~~~~~Tell me Sir’s why it is possible for One Man to have $100,000,000,000 dollars in his bank account while other people have to stand in lines at Food Banks to be able to feed their children for another day? What kind of Planet is this, where utter Selfishness is the Rule of the Day? ~~~~~I could just go on and on here, but I stand firm in what I have had to say, I am an Old Man, and Death does not frighten me any-more, I want to Speak-Out for Our Children, for Their Future. Mohandas K. Gandhi basically freed India from British rule by himself, He said Free us or I will starve myself to Death on your Doorstep……Guess who gave in to his demand? One Man stood off a Mighty Empire…..

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