This one day is not enough, let us make every day “Thanks-Giving Day”; Give thanks for the air we have to breath, for our Planet which sustains our lives.~~~~~For our Sun, which everyday of our lives Sacrifices itself in a great fire just to gift us life, light, heat….Let us celebrate Nuclear Disarmament, the laying down of the weapons of War, the guns, the bombs, the missiles, in favor of employing all of those warriors in building a Paradise for our children to inherit……………….. ~~~~~All of this can be done in an instant; it just takes a change of mind, from selfishness to Love for All…..We must learn to Respect all of life, as it is intricately bound together for a common purpose; to have a livable Future……~~~~~This Thanksgiving Day, how many Turkeys sacrificed their lives to fill the bellies of humans? Think of that Sacrifice when you are eating left-overs….. ~~~~~What Kind World would we create when we mind-shifted to “Share” rather than “Submit”? When we mind-shift from “Consume” to “Create”? ~~~~~First, it takes, ONE, then a Hundred, then a Thousand, and then Billions, We are all here on One Earth, to build the “House of Mankind”, it can be done, it must be done, if we desire a Paradise for our Children! ~~~~~And everyday, give thanks for the air you have to breath, the water you have to drink, for the rain that falls and blesses every least living thing, for the crops that grow to fill our empty bellies…….Thanks Giving Day, 11/28/2019

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