I Almost Forgot;

Why I came here today, was it to write or read? Brother’s Sister’s there is So much wonderful writing, and writers on this site, YOU make my Heart Sing with beautiful music, with the magic of the Pen! I am so glad I got to meet you all, I am going to make a list here of all my Pen Pals, so you know that I recognize YOU! As a Writer and a Friend! 1.Gifted 50 2.Taikisy, 3.abetterman21, 4.kimpetitt, 5.kellycurtis,6.susankgray, 7.michaelkuch,8.luisazambotta, 9.janbeek, 10.allanrizzi,11.equipsblog,12. Kellycurtis, 13.shankysalty, 14.bernard25,15. joynealkidney,16. carolynwells, 17.ebony&crows, 18.sallyball8323,19.dfolstad58, 20. trendingtrendy, 21. americandazepurplehaze, 22.sarthakhande,23. saksaispoetry,24.outosego, 25.rubul, & Of course; Mich &LWBUT……Reading your writing gives me much pleasure and solace, any one of the writers listed above are well worth a Read! ~~~~~Thank you All for caring to comment on my little old man’s web-site!

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