Think on these things; Each and every twenty-four hours our Sun, our Star, sacrifices a portion of itself to gift Us with Light, Heat, and energy so that we might have Life….. ~~~~~Each and every 24 four hours our planet rotates so that we may know day & night. for what is one without the other? ~~~~~Every day the tides come in, the tides go out, how does this happen without that moon, that glorious Sun? ~~~~~I wonder how some people can live their entire lives never having given thanks for these Blessings? Because it is a Blessing, and every Blessing requires a Sacrifice of one’s self for the good of other’s who may not be so Blessed as we……. ~~~~~What do I want here? Why am I writing this? I want people to wake up^ to the lies and propaganda they have been fed for so long now, to Say; “NO MORE” We are sick of the lies, we are sick of the propaganda we are being fed, this is not life, step out-side and greet that old Sun’s Rise with joy for it’s Sacrifice, think on what would this world be like, if out Star decided to shut itself OFF? Ice Cubes in less than 24 hours, that is what we would be, So remember to give Thanks to that Sun for shinning for us for another day of Life!

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