My Giant Friends, those Blessed Whales….

All I want to do now is sit on the beach and pet Whales, I want to be able to hear them breath, tho I be deaf, I can still imaging those Great Lungs exhausting the used Air for new Air…….They Sail the Seven Seas, in Majesty, sometimes flying through the Air in Pure Joy! At the Blessing of Life, Lived! ~~~~~Thank the God’s of Life that those Harpoons are almost all gone, except for a few ignorant humans, who still think of the great whales as Food, to be killed and eaten…..With those modern tools it is easy to stick an exploding Harpoon into that magnificent Body, the almost end – point of Creations longing for life…… ~~~~~I wonder how many fishermen with their massive nets hauling in ton after Ton of fish think to thank those fish for their Sacrifice of their Lives that we may fill our bellies and live for another day? ~~~~~I think, everyday should be Thanks-Giving Day! Like giving thanks for the free air we breath in and exhale with almost no thought of where it originates from, like it is owed to us, instead of the true Gift it is…… ~~~~~Today is December 1st. The Sun has gone South for Winter to set in, those short, dark days. We have Electric lights now, and we forget just how dark it used to be, before them, with only a tiny candle to light that long night…~~~~~ ~~~~~So I started this article out on Whales, so let us end it with another Whale tale, Once upon a time I was working on a Barge motoring it’s way through Prince William Sound, Alaska, after the Exxon-Valdez Oil spill, and here along side us was this Hump-back whale almost as big as the Barge, I was listening to the Doors “The War is Over” back when I could still hear, and here was this magnificent Giant Creature swimming alongside us, for Hours, I could look into it’s eyes! What Magic prevails in this world, if we but have eyes to see!

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    1. Thank YOU for the nice compliment! Since I lost my Lady and best Friend, I can only sit here alone and try to write my Heart out, I have found Love speaking to me from all over our Precious World, so many compassionate people have reached out to me in this time of loss and grief, I am like the boxer in the ring, knocked out cold on the floor, climbing up^ on those ropes, preparing myself to go another Round…..Pouring Fuel on the Fire. So to speak, A thousand Words a Day, I told my old self, write a thousand words a day; In Honor of My Lady……

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      1. This is a wonderful way to honor your Lady, Sir, to write a thousand words a day.

        I like the phrase of yours : write my Heart out”, dear Sir. It is nice to hear you have found some compassionate people over the net. It is, also, nice to hear that you have wonderful neighbors. I see you like to show your appreciation to them, and you like to write about them. This is wonderful, a noble gesture.


      2. Outosego, I Love that name! How did YOU come up^ with that Name? Just now I heated some turkey soup & ate it, and then played on my drums a bit….I do not know if YOU are interested in this? I have not had to prepare a meal for myself in two months now; My neighbors are making sure I have enough to eat, and every once in awhile they stop in to chat with me; which makes this Sad time, not so Sad anymore…..I have over 300 people writing to me, which makes me think, 300 X 3,000 X 30,000, all together we could change this world into a Paradise for our Children to inherit. All we have to do is Want to make it Happen…..I think all of us writers could do it with Words! Speak-Out! Say what YOU think! I just write the words that pop out of my little tiny Brain,,,,,I KISS those Words & ask my friends on here to do the same, to find the cure for Greed & the lust for Power & Profit….One little old man in his loincloth, saying….I will starve myself to death on your doorstep gave India it’s independence from British rule, Mohandas K. Gandhi……He set an example we would be wise to follow!

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    2. Thank YOU for the compliment! Whales are the epitome of the “Art of Creation” How every least living thing is perfectly designed to fill it’s niche in life, yet humanity is making so many of our fellow creatures (Creations) extinct, so fast, what a lonely world this is getting to be, as people lose touch with Mother Nature…..

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