250 million years ago this creation lived, had life, saw sunsets come and go.

We also will turn into fossil’s in all due time, it is inevitable, because Death is the opposite of Life, and if one takes the time to look, they will find that everything of worth, is not of the sky, but of this Good, Good Earth…………….~~~~~How did that lovely Moon come to be in exactly the right place at the Right Time? Was it placed there to reassure us humans that even tho the Sun was on the other side of this world, it still shown? Shed Precious Light, heat, energy on us, all at no cost to the viewer? ~~~~~Gratitude is a precious commodity, people would be wise to share it out, amongst themselves….. ~~~~~When YOU wake up^ in the morning, are you grateful for another day of this precious life? Do you bother to express this gratitude? Mother Earth can Hear, She is not Deaf Like me…….Some People go out-side and Dance before the Sun’s Rise, they Celebrate another day of living, another day of the gift of Life………………. ~~~~~Sometimes, I think, we forget to stop and take a look at the Big Picture, like what is life here on Earth all about? I think it is all about how to Learn to live Together on this tiny mote of dust in this Great Universe, you know; to build the House of Mankind, emphasis on KIND……For Example; spending 750 billion bucks on Weapons of War, while homeless people line our streets, while teachers of our children have to take to the streets for a Living Wage & School supplies, while our own children have to take to the streets to beg us to leave them a Livable Future….. ~~~~~What am I doing, writing all of these words? I am attempting to Wake People to Wake the F–k UP^, to cast off all of the lies they have been told about how this World works…………………………….. ~~~~~This world works on the principal of Man working With Nature, rather than in a constant battle with it, All of life is predicated on a Sacrifice, one must die for another to Live…..That is just the way it is, take this past Thanksgiving Day; how many turkeys surrendered their lives just so we could Share a meal Together? ~~~~~Let us stop making it “All Right Now” and start investing in the Future, for that is where the fortune lies, in this present it is supposedly stored in vaults, deep below ground level…..Yet the true fortune lays in that very ground, the thin layer of soil that makes growing food possible, no matter how much Gold is stored away, it cannot be eaten, a pound of gold VS a rooted carrot, beet, potato, what would you choose? I am done here…….

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  1. Wow,this is really food for thought,I appreciate your thought,it is really impressive and at the same time reflective.

    Every living thing has their last moment on earth,we are giving opportunities to live,as to how we live is completely dependant on us, either for the good of humanity or for the opposite.
    Some are born good, while others are not, the good news is no body is a waste,no matter how bad you are, you can be used as an example for others to learn from.

    If we are still breathing, it’s a call to remember that this earth is but a temporary home.


      1. City of Mercy, The “House of Mankind” is built on the Principal that “All, Men, Women& Children are EQUAL; therefore: No More Guns, No More of Bombs, & Missiles, therefore; when Peace is wrought this Universe becomes OPEN to us……


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