A little warning to idiots;

There seems to be some few humans out there who seem to think that an old man sitting on his couch, typing out words that enter into his brain through Free Association with this whole Universe, seems like a threat to them, Well, little Petty-minded people, you cannot and will not stop me….. Like I told the last man who tried to Spam me, I will find your Home place, and then I will enter it, and strangle you to death with your power cord…..~~~~~So do not F–k with me, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say! ~~~~~All of life is just a game that God can Play, and Play He does, with Night & Day, Light and darkness, every animal that disappears here reappears in another,more welcoming Home, Nothing, which we are made of, is ever Lost……Where do all of those Stars come from? They are born out of Nothing! So Hydrogen & Helium Atoms, those Scientists say, yet where did those Atoms come from? This whole Universe we see was Created out of Nothing!, Because in the Beginning there was Nothing, Nothing at all..~~~~~I think that the Great Creator has this Lady, the Love of His Life, His love so great for Her, that he had to Create Stars & Cloak Her in them, just to show His Love for Her! ~~~~~Take a moment out and step out-side and look out, not up^ and you will view the Love of the Creator of this Universe……

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