Adventures in Time;

Now, consider these things, here I sit a little old man, all alone on his couch, with the only thing left to do is to type out words, I use the tools available to me, which at this moment in time are the key-board, Qwerty, and so on…..Do I have any thing to say? ~~~~~I always invested my money in Tools, because without the proper Tools one can fix/repair nothing…..Yet with the help of these tools I could fix almost everything, but this little lap-top computer, so what to do? Well I invested my few dollars in a back-up new computer, so if this one fails I just plug in the new one…………….. ~~~~~My ultimate Goal is a thousand meaningful words written each day! ~~~~~It seems to be working, I have over two hundred E-mails to answer, never a dull moment Here! I am having the best time, meeting new Friends all over the World! I am going to Invade China, Indonesia, Japan next, I have yet to meet up^ with an Asian friend, but I got Italy, England, France, Germany, not yet Russia, but give me another few thousand Heart-beats, Another hour or two to live, and I will conquer this whole world into waging Peace instead of that wasteful use of our resources to wage Wars…… ~~~~~So, tell me my friends, am I being useful here or wasting my precious last few hours, days, maybe years?

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