Riding on that Night Train;

Well, here it is 12:48 AM, and here I am working on my Goal of a thousand words a day…..I could easily spend them all just answering the E-Mail Pile….. ~~~~~All of those writer’s out there who wrote to me, you make my old man’s Heart Sing with Joy! Yesterday, this nice Lady neighbor dropped off to me a giant bowl of Soup, & a Ham Sandwich, so I did not have to stop and cook myself a meal……Is this a magical World, or What? ~~~~~This old age thing is quite strange, here I am allowed to say anything I can think up^, like my even older Sister found this great joke on the net, sent from an even older friend of Her’s; “Don’t Piss Off Old People; the Older we get the less “Life in Prison” is a Deterrent!” Is that a warning or what? ~~~~~I am trying to locate my Humor Center, instead of being so serious all the time here on this net….. ~~~~~How ever it makes my Laugh & Cry at the same time, the absolute Stupidity of humans continuing to strip mine this beautiful Planet to accumulate More Gold, when their Vaults are stuffed full of that worthless Shit! ~~~~~The utter Stupidity of wanting to spend another Trillion $$$$$ on building even more Nuclear Bombs, so someday we can fire them off and turn This Good Earth into a pile of Rubble, as President Assad has done to His Own Country, Syria, and even now has the balls to expect other countries, who were not so Stupid, to step in and Help Him Rebuild His Barrel Bombed piece of Shit desert….. ~~~~~What I want to do is adopt some of his Refugees, let them make a new home in my Peaceful House; but no, our Ego – headed president will not allow it. How Stupid is that? When people decide to flee their own homes, what are they seeking? What do they want and desire? The same thing we all want & desire, a safe place to lay one’s head down to sleep, a safe place for their children to grow up^ in, a meaningful job to work at that pays a Livable Wage…..Maybe even Good Schools for their Children to learn how to live in this Life-time…..Is that too much to ask for? ~~~~~I do not have so many heartbeats left, so I am trying to use them wisely. ~~~~~Who will miss me when I depart this Plane of Existence? ~~~~~”100 years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was—The sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove—–but this World may be different because I was important in the Life of a Child.” Forest E. Witcraft…..

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